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Views Of Carlingford

Carlingford was raided by the Vikings in the 8th & 9th centuries and then the Normans in the 12th century. It is now a listed Medieval Heritage Town - it has more historical buildings than any similar sized town in the whole of Ireland.

  1. King Johns' Castle (pre 1210) lies on a high rock guarding the entrance to the harbour
  2. Taaffe's Castle (15th century) with its' crenellated battlements, murder holes, slit windows for archers and barrel vaulted basement is a fine example of a castellated town house.
  3. Mint was established in 1467 and it too still stands today.
  4. Much of the old walls have gone but The Tholsel (or gate tower) remains in fine condition, a medieval customs barrier used to prevent un-taxed goods from entering to the city.
  5. The Heritage Centre is located in the tower of the original town wall, now part of the Old Carlingford Church.

Carlingford Friary, a Dominican Friory was founded by Richard de Burgo, earl of Ulster in 1305.



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